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I’m Christie and it’s my mission to make life less serious and a waaaaaay more fun! If you are feeling stuck, bored or completely over it right now… you have shown up at the right party sister! I dream of a world full of humans who aren’t afraid to show up as their weird, wonderful and wacky selves, a world where you can drop the fears of what other people may think of you or what you think you “Should” be doing, I want you to start living a life more authentic to YOU! A life that fills you up with joy, excitement, feels delicious and lush and makes you want to run around in circles giggling like a big kid! The life that feels so easy and free that you could accomplish anything, take on your dreams, get excited for your failures and move forward to maybe even make your mark in changing our world for the better! 

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Re-align with your values and figure out what drives you! I’ll be your personal cheer girl while we break through old patterns, ditch crappy habits, uncover limiting beliefs, dream up and create a life that leaves you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world!  

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