Pink Parri Passion Projects

Pink Parri Passion Projects

Pink Parri Passion Projects

Sometimes the pressure of life overwhelms me, I mean I know that no-one’s life is perfect and I know that I have it pretty darn good, but sometimes it’s just so hard to keep on top of everything, keep the house tidy so I feel happy and not dragged down by mess, eat healthy so I am full of energy, workout so I feel strong and powerful, be creative so I feel content, manage my finances so I am set up, enjoy the simple things so I appreciate my life and the people in it, sleep better, breathe better, weed the yard, look after my fur babies, make my boyfriend laugh oh man the list could go on forever! These are the things I obsess write about in my personal One Note, I list ideas, books to read, hacks to try and track all of the attempts I take at trying to make my life easier… Writing these things down is just one way that I ease the stress of trying to be a functioning adult… but sometimes all of the words and ideas and lists can also be overwhelming! That is why I started this blog! I want to sort my brain out, structure my ideas, work on my focus and slow down! 

A few years ago, I got slightly obsessed with finding my passion! Thanks to good old Google everywhere I went on the internet was plastered with the word Passion! (I mean that’s what happens when you obsess over things on the internet..) Find your passion, follow your passions, do something you are passionate about, passion, ah what is my passion!? I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out what my passion was… until I realised… I don’t need to add finding my life’s passion to my list of already growing stresses! 


Passion doesn't have to be something you need to find or choose before you can enjoy your life...

AND finding your passion, doesn’t mean that is going to be your passion forever, things change, interests change so why obsess on finding that one thing to be happy and instead just focus on whatever is making me happy right now!

My One Note is pretty special to me, it’s where I go to download and plan pretty much everything in my life! The Pink Parri Passion Projects tab is where I go when I think of a new project to start! It’s where I started taking notes for Bomb Chicka Fizz Fizz (my online Fizz Biz), my 2016 wardrobe capsule and a whole heap of ideas for other projects that I want to do! The list grows quickly and some of them have been on the to do list for way too long… and some I have started but half-assed and/or not finished! That is why I have decided to start sifting through all of the lists, ideas and mix in a few of the more boring ‘to do’s’ that I have been collecting like Pokémon cards instead of actually being an adult and completing! It’s time to slow down and complete one project at a time (instead of jumping from project to project)! Some will be fun, some will be boring, some will be small and some will be a bit bigger, but I plan to track each one of them here on the blog! I don’t want to set any guidelines or list them at the start, the only rules I am giving myself is to take one at a time and to share the steps and/or my thoughts with guys!          

That’s all for now! Just a little insight into my thought process behind a few upcoming projects/experiments I will be sharing with you this year and to announce my plan on slowing down (just a little) into the universe! 

Keep an eye out for my first mini project (well this one is one of a challenge) on instagram! A fun workout challenge I have been wanting to do for a while now! @Badwitchchallenge  

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Creating a big fat juicy dream life

Creating a big fat juicy dream life

Creating a big fat juicy dream life

When I was younger I wanted to be an actor, I wanted to be an actor so much that I actually didn’t focus on anything else. I ignored the other classes at school, I scrapped by with mid-range to low grades, except in Drama and Art and left school with a pretty shocking OP score! But none of that worried me! I was so focused on being an actor that in my mind I didn’t need anything else! Now I am not really sure were that desire came from or why I thought shutting any other goal or possible path out was a good idea… (It wasn’t, it was a terrible idea!) but, I did… and when it didn’t work out (which was totally my own fault… another story for another time) it hurt, I had failed my big dream… now I didn’t really know what to do… So I stopped dreaming big and focused on something smaller. I still planned and set goals, just not the type of goals that set you up for life, I stuck to the goals that helped me feel free, I didn’t want to be tied down by a life plan or a 5 year plan or even a 3 year plan! Those were stupid and boring and I didn’t need them! I wanted to take each day as it came and focus on having fun… I traveled, I drank and I partied hard! I don’t regret the travel and I don’t regret the partying, but I do regret letting my self doubt stop me from dreaming bigger, I regret not thinking ahead about my future, I regret not getting my shit together when it comes to money and I regret settling for the status quo.

Now that I’m a little older (and I would like to say wiser… without sounding lame… which I am not sure is possible… so I put it in brackets with this disclaimer instead), I have found myself in a position where I am not where I want to be in life… seems planning ahead is not stupid… or boring… it’s pretty important! It’s taken me a few years to figure out that’s what this feeling is… but I am there, this wasn’t supposed to be my life… this wasn’t the plan… Oh hang on… that’s right here was no plan! Well no longer! It’s time to push aside fear, accept that life is full of win and fail moments and put on my big girl panties and dream big baby!

I want to think of a big fat juicy dream life and then work backwards and find out how the hell I can live there!

I started by sitting down and really thinking about what I want, where I want my life to be in 3 years time, 5 years time and longer! I really tried to be as creative as possible and not leave any thought or idea off the page, anything I thought I wrote down.  A couple of ways I got these thoughts out of my head and on to paper was with some mind mapping and a good range of lists.

Mind Mapping 

I picked a year and then created a mind map for how I want my life to look in that year! The year I chose was 2020 (can you believe that’s only 3 years time… yikes!), then I mind mapped my little heart out! Mind mapping is fun! I learnt how to do this at work, but it can really be used for any situation, not just for work purposes! They are really a great way to get a visual of the bigger picture (something I am great at in my work life and have been a little rubbish at in my personal life). I like to start with a big piece of paper and colourful pens or online in One Note adding colourful pictures and links! Here’s how I mind map: 

This is just a little example of my mind map, go crazy, write everything you can think of! 

A Good Range of Lists

Here’s a list of lists that I created!

Now I have my dream life written down in a few different ways, I can refer back to these lists (along with my values) when I am ready to set my next round of goals… but I’m not quite ready yet… Before that, I want to play around with vision boards! I want to create one for each area of my life (the main branches in my mind map) to help me focus on the right things throughout the year and be a visual reminder of what I want my life to feel like! As I create these I want to save (and update when needed) as story highlights on my insta @inburstsofcolour so I can look at them whenever I need a little boost of motivation!

Pop over and have a look if you need a little inspo or motivation too!  

More Posts… 

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Monthly Magic March 2018

Monthly Magic March 2018

March Ispirations

I am so grateful for March! A month full of fun work days and weekends filled with friends, family & of course dogs! 💖🐕 #pinkparrimonthlyreview


Fuck Feelings by Michael Bennett & Sarah Bennet

I’m maybe half way through this one so far (still) and am currently on the fence… I am loving the humor, but not really feeling the pessimistic view point… I mean I am an absolute optimist! So reading from a pessimistic view is a little hard… but I am keeping an open mind and just trying to take in all of the practical advice… and ignore the rest! I also usually read all of my self development books first by audio and then again in book form (for the ones I like) but I didn’t with this book… so I wonder if that has anything to do with it…


Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars

Ok, so I am seeing a little theme with my TV binging… Man am absolutely loving watching the All Stars do their thang! So much fun! AND less bitchy than I thought it would be, which I really like (I mean can’t we all just be friends and support each other people!? YAAAASSS) 

I just finished Season 2 (of the All Stars) and Alyssa, Alaska and Detox were my absolute FAVES!! I love all of the outfits and comedy and runway looks! So so so good!  


How to Fail Podcast

Ahhhh this podcast has popped up just when I needed it! (Thanks google for always knowing my deepest darkest thoughts and secrets! Hahaha) This pod is hosted by two women based in Pittsburgh, PA who interview women who are working hard at being their own boss. How to fail is creating an open conversation about failing and “shining a light on the shadowy stigma of talking about failure.” Absolutely what I needed in my life right now… and if you struggle with not being awesome 100% of the time too… then you should check this pod out! 


Accepting Failure

I have been feeling like a bit of a failure recently, I mean it is screwing with my brain right now and I am starting to see it’s affect on my self confidence! After taking almost a full month to put this blog out there because I was self conscious of it being shit or it being to personal or that people will judge me because I am starting another blog, I realised I would never of second guessed myself like this a few years ago! I have always been pretty confident and not really cared what others thought when it comes to expressing my creativity… but over the years I have failed a lot… BUT I need to remember that I actually fail a lot because I’m not too afraid to try! 

So over March every time I catch myself feeling like a failure, feeling not good enough, holding back on being my silly self or whenever I catch myself dwelling on a personal failure, I have been trying to be just a little less harsh on myself! I stop visualise something silly, maybe like an image of myself as a Bitmoji in a pink Sherlock Holmes get up (yes I have a pipe… but it doesn’t blow smoke… it blows bubbles!) Then ask myself, why am I dwelling on this? Are these thoughts even valid? Am I just hungover? If they are valid, what can I learn from them? How will I move forward from this?

Every time I have done it so far, the silly visual in my head at the start forces a little smirk out of me, this pushes me out of self pity mode… even if sometimes the smirk is an embarrassed smirk from coming up with this silly idea, it makes me feel silly… which then reminds me that self pity is silly! Ah all the sillies! I also feel like digging a little deeper into the failure and trying to connect it to a lesson makes me feel like the failure was kinda worth it OK not worth it but at least not a total waste of time!


The Soul Echo

When starting this blog, I, of course headed straight to Instagram to set up a new account! It’s just the perfect place to go when I want inspiration, motivation and a way to connect with like minded people. So while scrolling for new insta blog friends I came across The Soul Echo, a gorgeous Brisbane Photographer whose instagram bursts with colour (mostly pink – which if you know me is my absolute fave) and who kicking butt in business and life! Seriously go follow her for gorgeous photography of Brisbane city, peeps and DOGS are the best!! Also keep an eye out for her super cute, real and inspiring Instagram stories! Loving what she is putting down… or picking up what she is putting down… you know what I mean!

Now go! 

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