Hello! My name is Christie and I am so excited you have clicked this tab to find out more about In Bursts of Colour Coaching!

I’m on a mission to make life less serious and way more fun! Over the last few years I have dedicated every spare waking moment on trying to figure out how to be a better adult… I’ve started habit tracker after habit tracker, trying to be better at housework, trying to stay on top of the washing, trying to excel at work and keep a social life, while saving for a house and paying off debt and spending money on health issue after health issue… I  was struggling, felt way in over my head and couldn’t believe I was so bad at being an adult… until the penny finally dropped… I had to give up on the whole idea of figuring out how to live the life I thought was expected of me and I had to figure out what I actually wanted! Since then, I have been making my life feel good, prioritising joy, becoming besties with failure and completely re-writing the rules on how I adult! 

I dream of a world full of humans who aren’t afraid to show up as their weird, wonderful and wacky selves, a world where you can drop the fears of what other people may think of you or what you think you “Should” be doing, I want you to start living a life more authentic to YOU! A life that fills you up with joy, excitement, feels delicious and lush and makes you want to run around in circles giggling like a big kid! The life that feels so easy and free that you could accomplish anything, take on your dreams, get excited for your failures and move forward to maybe even make your mark in changing our world for the better! 



  • My favorite colour is pink… and rainbow! 
  • I have two gorgeous fur babies named Archie & Humphrey 
  • I like my coffee black with no sugar and in summer on ice baby!
  • I broke my elbow and and wrist in two places snowboarding in whistler 
  • I fractured 2 vertebra in an aerial silks accident and required spinal surgery
  • I love to roller skate, hike and paddle board
  • My favorite job (before coaching of course) was when I worked as a production assistant for Disney, I remember spending one morning picking up lady beetles from the grass on set and putting them in a bucket so they didn’t get squished!
  • I lived in the UK for 2 1/2 years in a little town called Berkhamstead
  • I have traveled to 27 different countries 
  • I was one of the leads in my high school musical 
  • I completed Tough Mudder (with no broken bones) 
  • I have two habits that have stuck with me since childhood 1. dying my hair bright colours and 2. Taking photos of literally everything!

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