Hello! My name is Christie and I am so excited you have clicked this tab to find out more about In Bursts of Colour Coaching!

In Bursts of Colour Coaching is for women who are ready to shake it up! They are done with boring excuses, beliefs and stories and they are ready for a mindshift! They know it’s time to focus on their habits, reconnect with their goals, stop accepting mediocre and step up to be the change they need in their lives! In Bursts of Colour Coaching is all about sorting out your shit so you can show up 100% to the party! Life is what you make it and baby girl I am hell bent set on making my life the most colourful, extra, fun, party I have ever been to! So you in? If your body is giving off HELL YES jiggly body tingles right now, cutie I got some FUN for you! It’s called THE MINDSET PARTY METHOD! 

THE mindset party method



A Mindset Party is an imaginative re-frame for your self development practice! Now wait don’t yawn, the goal here is turn your self development into a party… a party for your mind!! This may sound silly, but the more you practice this re-frame the more fun it gets! At a Mindset Party you can expect a whole lotta shenanigans, self care, love and celebration!  


Every Mindset Party needs some party games… Every self development practice needs some tools! The party games are the activities you’ll use for your self development, these can include but are not limited to Journal prompts, curious questioning, EFT, Meditation, Visualization etc.. Now you may already have tools you use for your practice, but if you don’t, don’t worry! Check out the Mindset Party Kits which are full of workbooks, videos and goodies to set you up for the most epic of Mindset Parties! I also have heaps of free tools, tips & tricks on my socials, so find a sister there and hook yourself up!



Get the party started with The Mindset Party Checklist! Practice your imaginitive re-framing skills and turn your self development practice into a party. 



Workbooks, videos, audios, these kits are packed with so many goodies that you  won’t want the party to stop! Work on your habits, resilience and more.


The Mindset Party Girls is open! I am calling 10 bad ass babes who are ready to shake it up and join the cutest 3 month coaching adventure! Together we will build a daily practice habit & toolkit for your Mindset Party shenangians! 


Ready for the VIP treatment? Ditch your old stories, breakthrough pesky patterns, uncover your limiting beliefs and start living your life like it’s a party!

some random facts about me

My favorite colour is pink… and rainbow! 

I have two gorgeous fur babies named Archie & Humphrey 

I like my coffee black with no sugar and in summer on ice baby!

I broke my elbow and and wrist in 2 places snowboarding

I fractured 2 vertebra in an aerial silks fall

I have had spinal fusion and now have someone else’s vertebra bone in my spine! 

I love to roller skate, hike and paddle board

My favorite job (before coaching of course) was when I worked as a production assistant for Disney, I remember spending one morning picking up lady beetles from the grass on set and putting them in a bucket so they didn’t get squished!

I lived in the UK for 2 1/2 years in a little town called Berkhamstead

I have traveled to 27 different countries 

I was one of the leads in my high school musical 

I completed Tough Mudder (with no broken bones) 

I have two habits that have stuck with me since childhood 1. dying my hair bright colours and 2. Taking photos of literally everything!

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So if you are ready to re-align with your values and figure out what drives you, break through old patterns, uncover limiting beliefs, dream up and create a life that makes you want squeal for joy and take on the world! 

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