In Bursts of Colour

Can you even adult?

I know I can’t or won’t or just don’t want to!

This blog is pretty much the inside of a Brisbane chicks mind who is struggling to live the life she wants… because maybe she doesn’t know what she wants… or maybe she just isn’t listening!

 **she looks at watch**

Shit is that the time?! Mid thirties, no kids, renting and to tell you the truth… finding it hard to conform to adult life.

She is me… my name’s Christie (also known as Pink Parri) I live with my hunk of a boyfriend and my 2 gorgeous (fur) babies! My life is pretty sweet… I have amazing friends, am pretty active, have a stable job and am usually a pretty happy go lucky kinda gal… but sometimes do you ever feel like life is just passing you by? 

Do you ever feel the pressure of eating better, working better or just generally being better? Does the word happiness make you re-asses how happy your happiness makes you? Are you being grateful enough? Has meditation changed your life yet? Reading too many self help books, agreeing with the concepts but not fully committing to taking action? Or is that just me?

This blog (launched 2018) is my journey of sorting my shit out… the shit being my thoughts (not actual shit), calming my mind, taking action and responsibility to live the life I want to live and be the person I want to be! This may end up a shit show… or it may just change my life and yours… only way to find out is stick around!


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