Project: Create Daily

Project: Create Daily

Project: Create Daily

January is done and we are now well into February! Can you even believe it… For me January was spent focusing on big goals and dreams and loosely structuring out my year. I wrote out a big list of all of the things I want to achieve in life and then circled all of the goals I wanted to achieve in 3 months, 6 months and within the year! The rest I have left in the list ready to refocus on next year, I then went through all of the goals I had circled to achieve in 3 months and merged some that were a similar theme, once I had all of my goals that I want to achieve in the next 3 months set, I then went through and set out action plans and steps to reach all of them within the next three months. I also created 1 mini goal related project to focus on each month.

As February passes by I will be working through my action plans and ticking off each step as I go along in my journal, as well as completing the mini project I have set myself. Each mini goal is of course related to a bigger goal! I will be sharing each monthly mini goal here and of course share my progress along the way in my Instagram stories and posts.

So lets get straight into it!

My mini goal for February is to ‘Create Daily’ to make sure I succeed with this, I have written myself a list of all the things that define create (to me) and I have set a daily reminder to check in with myself on if I have created yet! So firstly, why is the mini goal ‘Create More’? A lot of my BIG goals are creatively focused so firstly, I want to strengthen that muscle and secondly being creative makes me happy, it gives me joy and it sets my vibration on high! 

My 'Create' List

Write a blog post

Write a journal entry

Use some writing prompts

Write a chapter

Write a poem

Create art

Create a playlist

Create a system

Create a new habit / routine

Work on a craft project

Film a video

Play your ukulele

Create content

Create joy – dance, sing or full belly laugh

This is just a list of ideas that I created for myself to look at on the days I’m not really sure what I will create, but i hope to come up with lots more ideas along the way! 

Make sure if you want to follow along you head over to my insta. Hope to see you there! x 

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Good Intentions

Good Intentions

Good Intentions

When coming up for the idea of this blog, I had set in my mind that one month at a time I would be able to focus on one area of my life and focus on finding love, joy and magic in that area, I would make some tweaks, do a few projects and then start living my best life in that area, then move onto the next! I would work on my self, my habits, my finances and relationships and I would share my bright colourful life with the world… then the universe was like… mwahaha!! All of a sudden the rug was pulled out from under me and was like, oh you want to solve problems here have a whole heap more! Here’s one for every area of your life at once! Unfortunately instead of saying thanks and continuing on with my plan I pretty much just got overwhelmed… I still shared my bright colourful life most of the time and tinkered with a few ideas and projects, but I let doubt, anxiety and fear overwhelm me and I forgot that I was in charge!

I am in charge of my thoughts, feelings and actions and how I choose to show up.

I am not saying this year I am planning on being perfect… finishing everything I start, putting out a blog post every week or smiling 24-7, but I do plan on listening more to the universe, accepting where I am and believing with all my heart I am on the right path! I plan to dance more, sing (yes off key) more, wake up with intention more, be a little less hard on myself more, check in with myself more, play more and celebrate life more and here’s the big one… just be myself more! 

Now, yes, this is all fine and dandy to say… But is harder to practice… Not to worry, I have some tools ready to keep me on track and help me stay connected to my goals! 

Law of Attraction Diary

This year I have bought myself a Law of Attraction planner from Freedom Mastery! It is freaking magical! At first a little overwhelming with all of the information and tasks, but a great tool to help keep me on track for the year. It has a lot of journaling prompts and has daily and monthly check ins. If you want to see inside keep an eye out in my stories on instagram! I will be doing a little walk through soon.

Radical Radiance

Late last year I bought Gala Darling’s latest book Radical Radiance, now it’s not your normal buy it read it book… each month I get a written and audio chapter sent to me by email along a tapping video and other stuff! We are up to chapter 5 and I cannot tell you how much this book has already helped me! It is great to have a monthly reminder to focus and make sure I am staying on track.

The end of 2017 and 2018 was a bit of a weird time for me mentally, emotionally and physically, I had some great times but I also had some difficult events which threw me out of whack! My ego, confidence and body were all put out and I really didn’t feel like myself.. I struggled with my mindset and found it really difficult to get back to a place where I was happy with me… but the last few months I have been feeling a shift, I am working through it and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

January really has kicked off amazingly and I am looking forward to what else 2019 has to bring! 

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Word of the Year – 2019

Word of the Year – 2019

Word of the Year - 2019

This year I wanted to approach my yearly review and goal setting for the year a little differently. Usually I sit down with a few review questions for the year, do the wheel of life exercise and then write out my goals for the following year. Last year I decided to set my values and I came up with a few goals that matched the theme of my values! This year I have done the same, but I want to add on a few more steps to this years plan! Firstly having a word for my year! I have read about this before and for some reason just never really tried it! 

Why choose a word of the year?

Now I am not writing this part with a whole lot of experience (obvs cause its the first year I am doing this), I am approaching this post more so from what I’ve read, what feels right to me and how I interpreted the process.

Choosing one word that represents your goals and your focus for the year is supposed to be your secret weapon! When you are unsure on a decision or loosing your focus, wham! Remember your word and back to your why you go! 

How I figured out my word

Choosing a word may seem hard! I mean its a lot of pressure for just one word! Picking one word that represents all of your goals and the theme of your year! Yeesh! But to tell you the truth after following the below process the word pretty much chose me.

♥ First I reviewed all of my goals for the year, I read through each one and thought about the reasons I have set them e.g. Why do I want to spend less money online? Because I want to save money, why? Because I want security etc etc…

♥ After I went through each goal, I then got a piece of paper and wrote down every single word that came to my mind (without really thinking about it)

♥ Once I had all of my words, I went through each word and thought does this word represent all of my goals this year and my why’s?  

♥ Then I picked my top three and then just went on about my day! Whenever I found myself with spare moments to think the three words just kept popping up with reasons why this one is or is not the word, or my mind would play out scenarios of when I was stuck and how the word would make me feel…

On the bus I finally decided my word! It had a lot going for it… And I had actually written it down on my piece of paper twice! So maybe I always knew this was the word.

So... what is my word?

CONNECT / CONNECTION I have chosen the word connect because it aligned perfectly with all of my goals. I want to connect more with my why, in my daily life and the activities I am doing (less mindless scrolling and more being present), I want to connect more with the people I love, I want to connect more with each of my values and the goals I have set. I want to connect more with my body, my health and my habits, I want to connect more with our planet and how I am responsible for how I show up in the world, I want to feel connected with my creativity and I want to remind myself of that connection on days I no longer feel connected. 

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Stuck in indecision

Stuck in indecision

Stuck in Indecision

My star sign is Libra, I read a long time ago that Librans can be a little indecisive… I used to laugh at this because for me it’s true… I can find it difficult to make a decision! But never have I felt this much indecision at once! I can put my hand on my heart and tell you that this year has been one of the hardest year of my life… Never have I spent so much time inside my own head, over analyzing every detail of my past, present and my future…

Life was easier in the past, I was younger, I’d made less “mistakes” I had a long life ahead of me, full of opportunities! As I started reaching 30, I entered full panic mode… and I think I have been living there ever since… I’ve tried lists, in depth plans, worrying and burying my head in the sand… none of which worked! (weird how those last few didn’t work huh! LOL)… now I’m 34 (turning 35 this year) and I feel like I am still in the same position!! Yes, I paid off debt… but just to take on more… yes I’ve changed jobs… but just to find myself in the exact same position every few years… yes I have two gorgeous dogs now… but I’m still in no position to be giving them little humans to play with! How did this happen!?

Indecision! I’ve spent the last 4 or so years just accepting the decision to make no real life decisions! I think I only realised this over the last month or so… which is progress right!? So why can I not make any of these big decisions? Fear of failure, fear of success maybe people pleasing? I’m not 100% sure yet…

So what now? Well I don't know… I just can't decide :p

While I just sit a little longer with this decision paralysis I have started looking into methods to  snap myself out of it! This may be some sort of distraction from the underlying issue… but hey it’s a start! I have been reading a bit about the psychology around decision making and found this great article on working out your ‘decision-building muscle’! It’s all about your daily behaviors, it talks about the 4 types of behaviors we engage in below:

Short term benefit/pleasure = long term painful/negative outcomes

Short term benefit/pleasure = long term benefit/pleasure outcomes

Short term painful/negative = long term painful/negative outcomes

Short term painful/negative = long term benefit/pleasure outcomes  

It suggests that by resisting from short term benefit/pleasure for a long term painful/negative outcome behaviors and participating in short term painful/negative for long term benefit/pleasure outcome behaviors will strengthen your decision building muscles! I mean it makes sense… funny how all roads are leading back to this for me at the moment! Daily routine…  

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3 Red Flags you are getting lost in Overwhelm

3 Red Flags you are getting lost in Overwhelm

3 Red Flags you are lost in Overwhelm

The last month I have been so overwhelmed! I have tried to keep my shit together, but it has been hard… I have been feeling like life was just throwing challenges at me from all directions… nothing was going right and I was drowning in negativity, self pity and a weird feeling I’m not quite sure of the name of… but kind of like a disconnect… I just felt like shutting down emotionally and just doing tasks that needed to be done. I stepped away from the blog a little as I just didn’t feel like opening up! I was completely lost in overwhelm!

This is not a new feeling… or occurrence in my life, I mean… life is hard right… and for some reason locking yourself away and binge watching reality TV shows doesn’t really make it better… I mean it is easier… but in life; easier rarely means better! Even though life seems to get a little more complicated the older you get, there is an upside to getting old! Experience! As I get older I start to see patterns and this is extremely helpful as now I am starting to recognize those little red flags that I’m getting lost and need to get back on track.

You forget about self care

When I am stressed and feeling overwhelmed I completely forget about me! I start overthinking about everything else and forget to take the time to look after my physical and mental health. Self care is not something that comes naturally to me… But boy do I feel better and more inspired when I take the time to do it… and not just every now and then but everyday! When I get overwhelmed I forget to prioritise exercise, I stop doing the daily practices I set in place that make me feel good. Its starts with waking up a little later, telling myself “one day off won’t hurt… two days off won’t hurt… the rest will do me good, I need more rest I’m so tired” and then next minute I’ve forgotten my exercise routine, the dogs have mistaken my boxing gloves for chew toys (I mean I’m not using them… so fair enough), my bed time is non-existent and getting to sleep is impossible!    

Your routine gets out of whack

My self care is all tied up with my routines! So once the self care is out, next my daily routine is out! My house gets messy, my washing piles up and I’m running around like a headless chicken, so confused why I have no time to keep my shit together like a normal functioning adult! I have a love/hate relationship with routine, I like structure but also feel a little manic when there is too much of it, so it has always been a struggle of mine to find that balance… but when I get lost in overwhelm *imagine devil voice* chaos rules! The little systems I put in place to stay on track, disappear and I don’t notice until I have watched an entire season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race in two days and I’m surrounded by empty ice-cream containers and have no clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow…

You get lost in negative thoughts

With my self care non-existent and my routines inconsistent my brain has all the time in the world to start taking over! I lay in bed and go over all of the conversations I’ve had, all of the decisions I’ve ever made and make up stories about how all of the wrong choices and paths I’ve taken will play out in the future and then all of a sudden my life is over, I’ve missed all of the possible opportunities because there is no time and I’m planning how pink I want my funeral to be! The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts… I read that once and it has stuck with me ever since, I mean… it’s kind of common sense right? If you are constantly focusing on the bad things, well… then your life is going to feel bad! Where if you learn to acknowledge the bad thoughts and not dwell in them, then there is more time to focus on the good thoughts, which in turn… make you feel good! But when life gets stressful and less black and white it can be difficult to do this and then your thoughts start spiraling out of control, and… hello overwhelm! The moment I start getting all negative Nancy is usually the moment I think back and notice the other red flags… and then here we are…

Getting lost isn’t the end of the world, but seeing the red flags is the first step to finding your way back…

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Creating a big fat juicy dream life

Creating a big fat juicy dream life

Creating a big fat juicy dream life

When I was younger I wanted to be an actor, I wanted to be an actor so much that I actually didn’t focus on anything else. I ignored the other classes at school, I scrapped by with mid-range to low grades, except in Drama and Art and left school with a pretty shocking OP score! But none of that worried me! I was so focused on being an actor that in my mind I didn’t need anything else! Now I am not really sure were that desire came from or why I thought shutting any other goal or possible path out was a good idea… (It wasn’t, it was a terrible idea!) but, I did… and when it didn’t work out (which was totally my own fault… another story for another time) it hurt, I had failed my big dream… now I didn’t really know what to do… So I stopped dreaming big and focused on something smaller. I still planned and set goals, just not the type of goals that set you up for life, I stuck to the goals that helped me feel free, I didn’t want to be tied down by a life plan or a 5 year plan or even a 3 year plan! Those were stupid and boring and I didn’t need them! I wanted to take each day as it came and focus on having fun… I traveled, I drank and I partied hard! I don’t regret the travel and I don’t regret the partying, but I do regret letting my self doubt stop me from dreaming bigger, I regret not thinking ahead about my future, I regret not getting my shit together when it comes to money and I regret settling for the status quo.

Now that I’m a little older (and I would like to say wiser… without sounding lame… which I am not sure is possible… so I put it in brackets with this disclaimer instead), I have found myself in a position where I am not where I want to be in life… seems planning ahead is not stupid… or boring… it’s pretty important! It’s taken me a few years to figure out that’s what this feeling is… but I am there, this wasn’t supposed to be my life… this wasn’t the plan… Oh hang on… that’s right here was no plan! Well no longer! It’s time to push aside fear, accept that life is full of win and fail moments and put on my big girl panties and dream big baby!

I want to think of a big fat juicy dream life and then work backwards and find out how the hell I can live there!

I started by sitting down and really thinking about what I want, where I want my life to be in 3 years time, 5 years time and longer! I really tried to be as creative as possible and not leave any thought or idea off the page, anything I thought I wrote down.  A couple of ways I got these thoughts out of my head and on to paper was with some mind mapping and a good range of lists.

Mind Mapping 

I picked a year and then created a mind map for how I want my life to look in that year! The year I chose was 2020 (can you believe that’s only 3 years time… yikes!), then I mind mapped my little heart out! Mind mapping is fun! I learnt how to do this at work, but it can really be used for any situation, not just for work purposes! They are really a great way to get a visual of the bigger picture (something I am great at in my work life and have been a little rubbish at in my personal life). I like to start with a big piece of paper and colourful pens or online in One Note adding colourful pictures and links! Here’s how I mind map: 

This is just a little example of my mind map, go crazy, write everything you can think of! 

A Good Range of Lists

Here’s a list of lists that I created!

Now I have my dream life written down in a few different ways, I can refer back to these lists (along with my values) when I am ready to set my next round of goals… but I’m not quite ready yet… Before that, I want to play around with vision boards! I want to create one for each area of my life (the main branches in my mind map) to help me focus on the right things throughout the year and be a visual reminder of what I want my life to feel like! As I create these I want to save (and update when needed) as story highlights on my insta @inburstsofcolour so I can look at them whenever I need a little boost of motivation!

Pop over and have a look if you need a little inspo or motivation too!  

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