3 Red Flags you are lost in Overwhelm

The last month I have been so overwhelmed! I have tried to keep my shit together, but it has been hard… I have been feeling like life was just throwing challenges at me from all directions… nothing was going right and I was drowning in negativity, self pity and a weird feeling I’m not quite sure of the name of… but kind of like a disconnect… I just felt like shutting down emotionally and just doing tasks that needed to be done. I stepped away from the blog a little as I just didn’t feel like opening up! I was completely lost in overwhelm!

This is not a new feeling… or occurrence in my life, I mean… life is hard right… and for some reason locking yourself away and binge watching reality TV shows doesn’t really make it better… I mean it is easier… but in life; easier rarely means better! Even though life seems to get a little more complicated the older you get, there is an upside to getting old! Experience! As I get older I start to see patterns and this is extremely helpful as now I am starting to recognize those little red flags that I’m getting lost and need to get back on track.

You forget about self care

When I am stressed and feeling overwhelmed I completely forget about me! I start overthinking about everything else and forget to take the time to look after my physical and mental health. Self care is not something that comes naturally to me… But boy do I feel better and more inspired when I take the time to do it… and not just every now and then but everyday! When I get overwhelmed I forget to prioritise exercise, I stop doing the daily practices I set in place that make me feel good. Its starts with waking up a little later, telling myself “one day off won’t hurt… two days off won’t hurt… the rest will do me good, I need more rest I’m so tired” and then next minute I’ve forgotten my exercise routine, the dogs have mistaken my boxing gloves for chew toys (I mean I’m not using them… so fair enough), my bed time is non-existent and getting to sleep is impossible!    

Your routine gets out of whack

My self care is all tied up with my routines! So once the self care is out, next my daily routine is out! My house gets messy, my washing piles up and I’m running around like a headless chicken, so confused why I have no time to keep my shit together like a normal functioning adult! I have a love/hate relationship with routine, I like structure but also feel a little manic when there is too much of it, so it has always been a struggle of mine to find that balance… but when I get lost in overwhelm *imagine devil voice* chaos rules! The little systems I put in place to stay on track, disappear and I don’t notice until I have watched an entire season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race in two days and I’m surrounded by empty ice-cream containers and have no clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow…

You get lost in negative thoughts

With my self care non-existent and my routines inconsistent my brain has all the time in the world to start taking over! I lay in bed and go over all of the conversations I’ve had, all of the decisions I’ve ever made and make up stories about how all of the wrong choices and paths I’ve taken will play out in the future and then all of a sudden my life is over, I’ve missed all of the possible opportunities because there is no time and I’m planning how pink I want my funeral to be! The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts… I read that once and it has stuck with me ever since, I mean… it’s kind of common sense right? If you are constantly focusing on the bad things, well… then your life is going to feel bad! Where if you learn to acknowledge the bad thoughts and not dwell in them, then there is more time to focus on the good thoughts, which in turn… make you feel good! But when life gets stressful and less black and white it can be difficult to do this and then your thoughts start spiraling out of control, and… hello overwhelm! The moment I start getting all negative Nancy is usually the moment I think back and notice the other red flags… and then here we are…

Getting lost isn’t the end of the world, but seeing the red flags is the first step to finding your way back…

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