Looking for a life full of magic!

I live a pretty fun, happy and colourful life! I love the colour pink, surrounding myself with bright colours and anything cute! Cute boyfriend, cute dogs, cute handbags and shoes and clothes and skill tester toys! However somewhere on the crossover of 20’s to 30’s I think I misplaced magic!

When I was a kid everything was magical, my mum did an amazing job of making everyday seem special and is the reason I have such a fun positive outlook on life. I remember a childhood full of fairies leaving me crystals as presents and treasure maps conveniently found while hiking through the mountains (ok maybe it was a small hill at the back of our house… But to my imagination it was a mountain). I took this feeling into my teens, creating little spells and starting my own witchy coven with my friends… and probably watching the movie The Craft too many times. Magic followed me into my 20’s too! I became less focused on actually being witch of the 90’s like Sabrina and focused instead on finding magic in all of the little joys that life brings! I felt magic during the first time I experienced snow (as an adult), in the beautiful scenery on backpacking adventures through Scotland, in the smiles and laughter and beers I had with strangers while travelling, in a good cup of coffee and in the little parts of life that can be easily overlooked.. Like sunshine and sleep ins and reading!

This was a really good coffee I had at My Mistress

Part of the reason for starting this blog, is because I realised I lost magic somewhere… The magic I felt in my life has slowly faded and all of a sudden I feel like I am on the same page as Peter Pan (The Robin Williams Peter from Hook). I feel a little lost, rushed, worried and tired! I just don’t really feel like being an adult anymore…

After thinking about it for a little while, I think I just am unhappy with what I am doing with my life… nobody has told me I have to adult a certain way… I just fell into doing it this way! I need to shake that up, I need to create the life I want and be the person I want to be! *Throws fist in air* Yeah!

Over the last few years, I have read a lot of self development, listened to a lot of podcasts and done a lot of personal work on my past, my thoughts and feelings, but I think I am a bit of a half arser! (I know that’s not really a word… but I think you get what I mean? I hope)… So In pursuit of magic I plan to stop half arsing around, stop thinking and start doing, stop cruising and start flying, like Tinkerbell says.. 

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Oh and a plan! Check out my next post…

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