Changing your life starts with a plan

At my day job, they like to say a goal without a plan is just a wish and even though this is a line directly off a motivational poster, that doesn’t make it less true! I have been setting goals for as long as I can remember, I still own my childhood journals which were full of goals like wearing pink fairy wings to my formal, having pink hair and meeting Drew Barrymore… And most of the goals I wrote, I actually achieved… Except for meeting Drew Barrymore… But hey! I still have time! Ok my point, my point is, this time goal setting isn’t the problem… The problem is I have no idea what I want! I mean, yeah I have a rough idea of what I think I want, I want my job to be fulfilling, I want kids, I want to live in bursts of colour (duh that’s why I called this blog that) BUT what does that even mean? 

This year, I intend to find out! I intend to change my life with a plan! 

Ok, so there is my big bold statement… Now where do I start?!

I have decided to start this project by learning a bit more about myself, I figure (meaning I have read in plenty a self help book) that to know what I really want out of life, I need to reconnect with who I am again first… To do that I am going to look inside… Firstly, inside my mind by exploring my values and learning more about the roles I play in life and how I want to show up to the people I play those roles to… Secondly, inside my home by jumping on trend and exploring this whole simplifying thing… 


This is a pic of the Kikki-K special edition of the book I am totally about to mention below… keep reading


I mean what are my values!? Should that be something I just already know? Ummmm I value the colour pink… But seriously, what matters to me, what beliefs and ideas do I have and hold important in life? A great book to help you figure it all out is The Life Plan, by Shannah Kennedy, I picked up her book a few years ago and skim read it… (sorry Shannah) I mean I got the pretty version from Kikki-K and I had some real anxiety about ruining it by completing the activities and writing in the book… So I kinda just skimmed it and did a few of the activities and wrote them out in a notepad… But this time I promise Shannah I am going to complete the book start to finish (I’m totes going to do the actual writing in a notepad still though… Cause the books so gosh darn pretty)!

This is Archie, I’m his human… and I think I do pretty well in that role


Another thing I have been reading a lot about lately is defining your roles in life. Roles like; mother, business owner, daughter or friend etc etc.. Taking responsibility for the roles you play and taking a deeper look at which relationships are connected to each role and how you show up in these roles, sounds like a great way to learn more about yourself and figure out if you actually even want to play the part you have given yourself in this play called life! I want to become more intentional about the roles I currently play and align my goals and priorities around these roles.

De-cluttering books is my weakness


I started this process last year after reading Marie Kondo’s book The Magical Art of Tidying. This book really helped me get past a few issues I had on holding on to things that I was not using and only holding on to because I felt bad! But I have realised this year that even though I have almost mastered the art of getting rid of things… I still really need to master the art of buying less… and I really need to start the process a second time and de-clutter the shizz nizz out of my house AGAIN (especially my wardrobe)!

So! There you have it the first steps to my master grand plan!

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