Stuck in Indecision

My star sign is Libra, I read a long time ago that Librans can be a little indecisive… I used to laugh at this because for me it’s true… I can find it difficult to make a decision! But never have I felt this much indecision at once! I can put my hand on my heart and tell you that this year has been one of the hardest year of my life… Never have I spent so much time inside my own head, over analyzing every detail of my past, present and my future…

Life was easier in the past, I was younger, I’d made less “mistakes” I had a long life ahead of me, full of opportunities! As I started reaching 30, I entered full panic mode… and I think I have been living there ever since… I’ve tried lists, in depth plans, worrying and burying my head in the sand… none of which worked! (weird how those last few didn’t work huh! LOL)… now I’m 34 (turning 35 this year) and I feel like I am still in the same position!! Yes, I paid off debt… but just to take on more… yes I’ve changed jobs… but just to find myself in the exact same position every few years… yes I have two gorgeous dogs now… but I’m still in no position to be giving them little humans to play with! How did this happen!?

Indecision! I’ve spent the last 4 or so years just accepting the decision to make no real life decisions! I think I only realised this over the last month or so… which is progress right!? So why can I not make any of these big decisions? Fear of failure, fear of success maybe people pleasing? I’m not 100% sure yet…

So what now? Well I don't know… I just can't decide :p

While I just sit a little longer with this decision paralysis I have started looking into methods to  snap myself out of it! This may be some sort of distraction from the underlying issue… but hey it’s a start! I have been reading a bit about the psychology around decision making and found this great article on working out your ‘decision-building muscle’! It’s all about your daily behaviors, it talks about the 4 types of behaviors we engage in below:

Short term benefit/pleasure = long term painful/negative outcomes

Short term benefit/pleasure = long term benefit/pleasure outcomes

Short term painful/negative = long term painful/negative outcomes

Short term painful/negative = long term benefit/pleasure outcomes  

It suggests that by resisting from short term benefit/pleasure for a long term painful/negative outcome behaviors and participating in short term painful/negative for long term benefit/pleasure outcome behaviors will strengthen your decision building muscles! I mean it makes sense… funny how all roads are leading back to this for me at the moment! Daily routine…  

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