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Hi I’m Christie (also known as Pink Parri) 

This is my blog! Its all about life… I’m on a bit of a mission to sort my shit out… cause I’m feeling the pressure of adulthood… and seeming I’m a little bit on the crazy side, I thought… hey I should document this… and post it on the internet… for everyone to see… Annnnnyway! I hope you enjoy the ride, if it be for tips and tricks, a little giggle or just to confirm that you are not the only one who thinks they are failing big time, I hope you stick around! 

If this sounds up your alley, read more on my about page or find out more about my WHY by clicking the pretty pink links, you can also see my Pink Parri Project updates and lots of rambling stories on my Instagram, so make sure to check it out… and why don’t you throw me a follow or couple of double taps while you’re at it! <3 


Want to hang out till it gets good? No spam I promise! At some point I plan on adding cool free shit here! Won’t that be fun 🙂

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Project: Self Love Dates

Goal: 1 Hour a week dedicated to taking myself out on a Self Love Date!
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Genius Foods by Max Lugavere

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Create Daily

Project: Create Daily

Goal: Create something every day for February
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