Plastic Free July Challenge

Yesterday was the last day of the Plastic Free July challenge… and what a challenge it was! I may not have had a perfect run… actually quite far from it!! BUT I really enjoyed participating and learning more about the small changes I can make. Now that the month is over, I have decided I will do my best to continue minimising my daily plastic use. The challenge was a real eye opener for me, I was completely unaware of how much single use plastic I was actually using each day!

Like I said it was a tough challenge and I failed… But along the way I found some great products that really helped through the challenge, which in turn gave me a few good habits too, so I thought it may be nice to share a few of these with you!

The Keep Cup

The easiest transition to make was actually saying no to the takeaway coffee cup, the moment I bought my keep cup, I just popped it in my handbag and it is always there… So the moment I buy a coffee I just whip it out and feel pretty awesome! There were a couple of times I had forgot it, which were on the weekends on my dog walks (due to not taking my handbag on these walks), but instead of getting the coffee to go and continuing my walk… I just asked to have the coffee dine in instead! We sat down and the dogs got extra pats and I reduced my plastic use! WIN WIN! 

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The BYO Shopping Bags

This one is a no-brainer and something I had been trying to do for years! I have been a little rubbish at the whole remembering to take my bags to the shops with me deal, until July 1st! The moment I started this challenge AND supermarkets actually stopped having the bags available, for some reason my brain made remembering them a priority straight away! Weird huh! Don’t bring back the free bags COLES I’m looking at you! 

The Bamboo Straws

I picked up this handy kit from Biome and they have been perfect! 

The hard part here is that whenever I buy a drink that needs a straw… it usually comes in a plastic cup! E.g. Boost Juice or an Iced Long Black! I have been trying to just buy less of these things… and that’s obviously better for the challenge… and my budget! I am thinking I may get a second larger Keep Cup for the Iced Long blacks though… for some reason a lot of places serve an ice long black in a plastic takeaway cup… even when you are dining in… and say dine in… and say no straw thanks! So having my own cup as well will most likely help! But then I have to carry two cups in my handbag… haha oh the dilemmas are real! 

My Take Away

I came into this challenge completely unprepared! Which made it 10 times harder then it really needed to be, but after just a few small tweaks I was able to reduce my plastic use significantly. Think of the changes I could make with just a little more preparation!! That’s why I’m not done yet, even though the challenge is done, I know I will continue to look at ways I can stay on the path to reducing my plastic use and just being a better human to the earth!

I know that sometimes the desire of ease takes over your efforts to do your part for a better a future… And sometimes it feels like you are a small fish in the sea of larger fish who could initiate change easier… But what I try to keep in my mind is if everyone changed their world… The world would change!  

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