Race to $5000

If you follow me on my Instagram, you may already know, in the past I have been a little bit rubbish with my money! I mean I have the basics down, but I just cannot seem to find a spare dollar to save! This is the reason I picked up (well purchased on audio) Jen Sincero’s book ‘You are a Badass at Making Money’ and it has lit a firecracker up my butt! I want all the money!! That is why I have decided to set myself a little bit of a challenge… And I wanted to share it with you guys!

The Challenge – Save $5000 as quickly as possible. 

So far I have planned 4 weeks of tasks, from the book and some I have come up with myself to help nudge the saving along and keep me motivated and focused. 

The work – I have set each week up with 2 key areas to focus on. 

Take Action

Taking action as in... like actually saving my money, I have set up a few weekly tasks to do this! (Flip it baby)

Week 1 - Analyse/Prep Budget

Week 2 - Reduce emotional spending - Week 3 - Spend free week - Week 4 - Declutter for cash

The Book Work

There are so many good activities in Jen's book on money mindset and beliefs and I plan to tackle different sections each week!

Week 1 - My Why

Week 2 - Visualization - Week 3 - Money Beliefs - Week 4 - Money Language

The Rules – I didn’t want to set too many rules, cause I break them yo! BUT I have set a few

* Every morning I must say my Money Mantra! (some I will use from the book and others I am going to create myself * Once a week I must announce the plan and have at least 2 social check ins (watch out insta stories) * I must track and share my running $$ total here * I will blog along the way* 

So there it is! Follow along on my Instagram here  @inburstsofcolour and here #pinkparrisraceto5000 


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