Play Date Deck




With 44 play prompts & plenty of exclamation marks, the PLAY DATE DECK is sure to tickle your imagination & sparkle Joy!

With 4 categories these cards have been designed to re-connect you with play!

Ready Set Play – These cards (with the right tools) you can play straight away! I suggest taking some time to get to know these cards & go on a play date adventure to pick up some staple supplies like bubbles & chalk!

Slip into a Simple Joy – These cards are inviting you to stop & enjoy the simple pleasures in life! Joy is all around us & wants us to notice! Draw one of these babies & slip slide your way into feeling good!

Make it your Mission – OMG FUN! These cards are giving you a mission & if you choose to accept it… get ready for a whole lot of fun! Take note of the task on the card you pull & complete your mission when you can!

Play with the Universe – The universe wants to play with you! When you pull one of these cards, close your eyes (if it feels good), take 3 slow deep breaths! Now you’re ready! Read the card, take action & watch the universe show up to play!

The cards were dreamt, designed & illustrated by me! These are my babies & I cannot wait for you to feel the love & playfulness infused in each & every card!


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