The last 5 books I read!

The last 5 books I read!

The Last 5 Books I Read

I am obsessed with devouring self help books! I usually listen to them on Audible, but if I love the book and think it is worthwhile I also buy the hard copy! Here is a list of the last five books I have read and loved. 

You are a Badass at Making Money

I have read and re-read this book a few times in the last few months… yes I even bought the hard copy. You are a badass at making money is written by Jen Sincero and is all about mastering your mindset on money! This isn’t a save this much and invest in this type of book, this is the background work… this is the work you do on the little girl in you who believes she is to irresponsible with money to make it! Full of mantras and writing activities this gem is worth listening to in audio AND buying the hard copy! This book is slowly but surely changing my freaking life (just throwing that out there into the universe)! 

My key take away from this one is we can live whatever life we want to, the energy and thoughts we put out there are the shaping the way we see the world! so why not see a world where you are kicking ass being a bad ass bitch and making all of the money! I mean with all that confidence behind you how could you NOT succeed!  

Who Moved My Cheese

Picked up this gem for $1 on my op shop rummage last month! It was a simple and quick read about two mice Sniff & Scurry and two little people Hem & Haw, they all live in the same maze and have one goal… Cheese! 

The book is basically about fear, moving through it, accepting and anticipating change! It only took me about an hour to read, but was a good little reminder to not take myself, my so seriously and not get caught up in my own personal dramas (which are totally made up by the way!) and just keep moving forward! Keep striving for that cheese baby… whatever the “cheese” is for you! For me right now that cheese is money honey! Striving for more, knowing I deserve more, knowing I can make more and save more! Breaking the cycle of having just enough! Pushing through barriers I know I have created for myself, forgiving myself for making them and moving the fuck forward! 

I feel like this book would make a cute book to read to your kiddos! 

The Willpower Instinct

I don’t know if I am really feeling the guy who reads the audio book version, but the book is packed full of great ideas and willpower experiments!

Neuroscientists suggest that we have one brain, but two minds! “There’s the version of us that acts on impulse and seeks immediate gratification, and the version of us that controls our impulses and delays gratification to protects our long-term goals. They’re both us, but we switch back and forth between these two selves” this book has heaps of great information on studies conducted on willpower and at the end of each chapter a willpower experiment for you to try!! I willbe buying the hard copy of this book for sure! I LOVE a good experiment! 

Key take away from this one, was I am so not alone when it comes to struggling with willpower! Your thoughts and actions have so much power and your brain can wire certain pathways which makes certain behaviors almost automatic! This book has given me a burst of motivation to turn off auto pilot and start rewiring some of those pathways in my brain!  

The Law of Attraction

Ahhhhhh this book blew my mind! I did not expect this book to be… well to be what it was… I’m not gonna ruin it for you, but damn the author of this book… had me feeling like I wanted to give away all of my earthly possessions and join a cult! I was up for whatever she was selling! Ha! Annnnyway! The ideas and practices in this book are not super new to me, even before I read this book I already knew a lot about the concept of The Law of Attraction, but I REALLY enjoyed listening to this book! Abraham took everything I knew already about manifesting and the law of attraction and just gave it a whole new meaning to me… believe the concept or not, I think the principles of this book can change your life. 

My key take away from this one was I am an amazing being who has the power to manifest anything into reality!! Yeah baby! Every day I am doing my best to believe this for at least a moment. 

Girl Wash Your Face

This book had a lot of flack (reviews wise), I am not sure I would of bought it if I had read the reviews first… there is a lot of God talk (which usually puts me off) and there were a lot of rich white girl comments in the reviews… but after listening to it, I really enjoyed it and I am glad I forgot to check the reviews first! This chick is a super cutie and there is a lot of good advice in this book! I loved how each chapter was headed with a lie she used to believe and even though there are parts of the book that get a bit religious and some of her beliefs are different to mine (mainly her view on porn and being a christian etc) but I am big on accepting others beliefs and not holding judgement when they differ from my own. I actually really enjoyed her story, thoughts and life advice and boy can that girl sling a good quote! A few of my personal faves: “You will get through this season. This too shall pass. Don’t set the rest of your life up on a downhill slope because of one hard season.”  “You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are.” “Our words have power, but our actions shape our lives.” and I think I” leave you with just one more…

“What if the hard stuff, the amazing stuff, the love, the joy, the hope, the fear, the weird stuff, the funny stuff, the stuff that takes you so low you’re lying on the floor crying and thinking, How did I get here? . . . What if none of it is happening to you? What if all of it is happening for you?”    


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Monthly Magic April 2018

Monthly Magic April 2018

Monthly Magic April 2018

This month has been a whirlwind 🌪 I am so grateful for all of the wonderful ways life continues to be amazing even when at times you feel it’s crazy! I love this time of the month because I get to reflect and remember all of the days, moments and people that made my month amazing! 💖🙏 I am so grateful April for friends who are pretty much family, for smiles and coffee, for pinky purple skies, for drinks with friends who are always happy to selfie with me 🤳🏻 for dog cuddles (especially when hungover 😵) for creative Sunday’s with creative souls, for lunch time walks by the river and weekends spent lazing on the beach, for sun and icy sippy cups, for Golden retrievers and organised meet ups, for bike rides and crews who are keen for adventures for Labrador smiles, for collaborations and creative outlets, for new friends and the hashtag that bought us all together #thesoulechosocial 💖 and lastly I am grateful that I am alive, healthy and have pink hair again! 💖🙏 #pinkparrimonthlyreview


The Life of Less – Cait Flanders

I hadn’t read Cait’s blog before I found this book, but after reading it I have been scrolling her archives and am hooked! Her blog is full of posts about living slow, budgets and her thoughts and feelings on life! The year of less is focused on a time in her life when she decided to start a year long shopping ban! Reading this book was really inspiring and got me note taking for future projects I want to do! I may not be in the right place to do a year long shopping ban (just yet), but being more focused on my finances is definitely on the project list… being more focused in general is on the list too!    


The True Cost – Netflix

Subconsciously I think I had been putting off watching this… when I clicked the watch now and automatically felt sick… I realised I didn’t want to watch this because I didn’t want to accept that cheap clothing has a price… I didn’t want to admit that I am a part of the problem… and part of me believed if I didn’t watch it… I could just ignore it! I can’t… 

I purchase most of my clothes from the kids section at K-Mart or Big W! It means I can get a dress for $15 instead of $50, which means that I spend less money on clothes… so why wouldn’t I!? Except when I re-assessed my closet and shopping situation, I found this was not actually the case… when I buy the cheap clothing I still seem to spend the $50-$100 anyway, Yes I get a lot more for my dollar… but is more what I really want? 

After spending the last 3 or so years in a continuous declutter phase… I realise no, I am tired of decluttering, I just want it to be decluttered already! I need to learn how to maintain… and how can I justify saving a few dollars when I know people are being taken advantage of! That’s why I clicked watch now, that’s why I felt sick and that’s why I wrote down maintain an ethical wardrobe in my Pink Parri Passion Project list!


TED Radio Hour

Every morning on my morning commute (I walk & bus into work) I like to either read a book, listen to a podcast or watch an inspirational YouTube video on the way. On the mornings that I just can’t or don’t want to think about what to choose, I listen to the TED Radio Hour! It’s such an interesting and thought provoking way to start the day, the subjects range from exploring deep space to rethinking medicines to how art changes us! The format is an hour of interviews from previous TED Talkers and snippets of their TED talks on what ever the subject is for the hour! In April I listened to ‘The Meaning of Work’ ‘Everything is Connected’ & ‘Comfort Zones’.  

Pink Parri Passion Project

Bad Witch Workout Challenge

Yay! I have completed my first Pink Parri Passion Project! For the first one I decided to start with a mini project, something short quick and easy to check off the project list (checking off lists makes me feel good ok)! With the mornings getting cooler my morning routine starts to get skipped more and more, which results in skipping my workouts, which results in a shift in my mood and motivation, so I decided my first mini project would be committing to getting my workout routine happening again!

A fun challenge that I have been wanting to do for a while now is Gala Darling’s Bad Witch Workout, so I signed up and used this as my motivation to get moving! The first day was putting my intention out there for all of Instagram to see! Easy peasy! The 2nd day I didn’t actually do anything as the email arrived around 2pm and I like to do my workouts in the morning, what I should of done is wake up and do one of my own workouts that morning… but I didn’t… I snoozed to the very last minute and rushed around getting ready for work like a headless chicken! (Poor chicken)!  So the next day was my real day 2, I put on the Bad Witch playlist on spotify (a nice little addition to the challenge!) Watched the video for a refresher on the moves and then got to it! There were three rounds and even though half way through I got a little distracted with my hula hoops and Humphrey (my golden retriever) I still finished and then even did a little boxing workout afterwards!  The next few days were simple and fun and the challenge in all was a success! If you want a little workout refocus you should head over to the @BadWitchWorkout for a little inspo!  


Last weekend I attended the very first #thesoulechosocial event! There were drinks and cake and gorgeous souls! It was just lovely and I very highly recommend going to the next one! During the social I got to meet so many awesome babes and am crushing over all of their social accounts! If you want to crush over some gorgeous accounts check out these gorgeous girls (just to name a few) <3 

@whatkristacaptures capturing magic and colourful travel photos! @seedbyash making over beauty brands one by one! @jeanbag recycling jeans to make gorgeous homewares @gabriellarosie One gorgeous bad ass babe creating amazing and empowering art! @caitlynwithoutfear Art, honesty and living without fear & @theshineyapproach (possible name change… watch this space) 


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Monthly Magic March 2018

Monthly Magic March 2018

March Ispirations

I am so grateful for March! A month full of fun work days and weekends filled with friends, family & of course dogs! 💖🐕 #pinkparrimonthlyreview


Fuck Feelings by Michael Bennett & Sarah Bennet

I’m maybe half way through this one so far (still) and am currently on the fence… I am loving the humor, but not really feeling the pessimistic view point… I mean I am an absolute optimist! So reading from a pessimistic view is a little hard… but I am keeping an open mind and just trying to take in all of the practical advice… and ignore the rest! I also usually read all of my self development books first by audio and then again in book form (for the ones I like) but I didn’t with this book… so I wonder if that has anything to do with it…


Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars

Ok, so I am seeing a little theme with my TV binging… Man am absolutely loving watching the All Stars do their thang! So much fun! AND less bitchy than I thought it would be, which I really like (I mean can’t we all just be friends and support each other people!? YAAAASSS) 

I just finished Season 2 (of the All Stars) and Alyssa, Alaska and Detox were my absolute FAVES!! I love all of the outfits and comedy and runway looks! So so so good!  


How to Fail Podcast

Ahhhh this podcast has popped up just when I needed it! (Thanks google for always knowing my deepest darkest thoughts and secrets! Hahaha) This pod is hosted by two women based in Pittsburgh, PA who interview women who are working hard at being their own boss. How to fail is creating an open conversation about failing and “shining a light on the shadowy stigma of talking about failure.” Absolutely what I needed in my life right now… and if you struggle with not being awesome 100% of the time too… then you should check this pod out! 


Accepting Failure

I have been feeling like a bit of a failure recently, I mean it is screwing with my brain right now and I am starting to see it’s affect on my self confidence! After taking almost a full month to put this blog out there because I was self conscious of it being shit or it being to personal or that people will judge me because I am starting another blog, I realised I would never of second guessed myself like this a few years ago! I have always been pretty confident and not really cared what others thought when it comes to expressing my creativity… but over the years I have failed a lot… BUT I need to remember that I actually fail a lot because I’m not too afraid to try! 

So over March every time I catch myself feeling like a failure, feeling not good enough, holding back on being my silly self or whenever I catch myself dwelling on a personal failure, I have been trying to be just a little less harsh on myself! I stop visualise something silly, maybe like an image of myself as a Bitmoji in a pink Sherlock Holmes get up (yes I have a pipe… but it doesn’t blow smoke… it blows bubbles!) Then ask myself, why am I dwelling on this? Are these thoughts even valid? Am I just hungover? If they are valid, what can I learn from them? How will I move forward from this?

Every time I have done it so far, the silly visual in my head at the start forces a little smirk out of me, this pushes me out of self pity mode… even if sometimes the smirk is an embarrassed smirk from coming up with this silly idea, it makes me feel silly… which then reminds me that self pity is silly! Ah all the sillies! I also feel like digging a little deeper into the failure and trying to connect it to a lesson makes me feel like the failure was kinda worth it OK not worth it but at least not a total waste of time!


The Soul Echo

When starting this blog, I, of course headed straight to Instagram to set up a new account! It’s just the perfect place to go when I want inspiration, motivation and a way to connect with like minded people. So while scrolling for new insta blog friends I came across The Soul Echo, a gorgeous Brisbane Photographer whose instagram bursts with colour (mostly pink – which if you know me is my absolute fave) and who kicking butt in business and life! Seriously go follow her for gorgeous photography of Brisbane city, peeps and DOGS are the best!! Also keep an eye out for her super cute, real and inspiring Instagram stories! Loving what she is putting down… or picking up what she is putting down… you know what I mean!

Now go! 

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