Project: Create Daily

Project: Create Daily

Project: Create Daily

January is done and we are now well into February! Can you even believe it… For me January was spent focusing on big goals and dreams and loosely structuring out my year. I wrote out a big list of all of the things I want to achieve in life and then circled all of the goals I wanted to achieve in 3 months, 6 months and within the year! The rest I have left in the list ready to refocus on next year, I then went through all of the goals I had circled to achieve in 3 months and merged some that were a similar theme, once I had all of my goals that I want to achieve in the next 3 months set, I then went through and set out action plans and steps to reach all of them within the next three months. I also created 1 mini goal related project to focus on each month.

As February passes by I will be working through my action plans and ticking off each step as I go along in my journal, as well as completing the mini project I have set myself. Each mini goal is of course related to a bigger goal! I will be sharing each monthly mini goal here and of course share my progress along the way in my Instagram stories and posts.

So lets get straight into it!

My mini goal for February is to ‘Create Daily’ to make sure I succeed with this, I have written myself a list of all the things that define create (to me) and I have set a daily reminder to check in with myself on if I have created yet! So firstly, why is the mini goal ‘Create More’? A lot of my BIG goals are creatively focused so firstly, I want to strengthen that muscle and secondly being creative makes me happy, it gives me joy and it sets my vibration on high! 

My 'Create' List

Write a blog post

Write a journal entry

Use some writing prompts

Write a chapter

Write a poem

Create art

Create a playlist

Create a system

Create a new habit / routine

Work on a craft project

Film a video

Play your ukulele

Create content

Create joy – dance, sing or full belly laugh

This is just a list of ideas that I created for myself to look at on the days I’m not really sure what I will create, but i hope to come up with lots more ideas along the way! 

Make sure if you want to follow along you head over to my insta. Hope to see you there! x 

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Pink Parri Passion Projects

Pink Parri Passion Projects

Pink Parri Passion Projects

Sometimes the pressure of life overwhelms me, I mean I know that no-one’s life is perfect and I know that I have it pretty darn good, but sometimes it’s just so hard to keep on top of everything, keep the house tidy so I feel happy and not dragged down by mess, eat healthy so I am full of energy, workout so I feel strong and powerful, be creative so I feel content, manage my finances so I am set up, enjoy the simple things so I appreciate my life and the people in it, sleep better, breathe better, weed the yard, look after my fur babies, make my boyfriend laugh oh man the list could go on forever! These are the things I obsess write about in my personal One Note, I list ideas, books to read, hacks to try and track all of the attempts I take at trying to make my life easier… Writing these things down is just one way that I ease the stress of trying to be a functioning adult… but sometimes all of the words and ideas and lists can also be overwhelming! That is why I started this blog! I want to sort my brain out, structure my ideas, work on my focus and slow down! 

A few years ago, I got slightly obsessed with finding my passion! Thanks to good old Google everywhere I went on the internet was plastered with the word Passion! (I mean that’s what happens when you obsess over things on the internet..) Find your passion, follow your passions, do something you are passionate about, passion, ah what is my passion!? I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out what my passion was… until I realised… I don’t need to add finding my life’s passion to my list of already growing stresses! 


Passion doesn't have to be something you need to find or choose before you can enjoy your life...

AND finding your passion, doesn’t mean that is going to be your passion forever, things change, interests change so why obsess on finding that one thing to be happy and instead just focus on whatever is making me happy right now!

My One Note is pretty special to me, it’s where I go to download and plan pretty much everything in my life! The Pink Parri Passion Projects tab is where I go when I think of a new project to start! It’s where I started taking notes for Bomb Chicka Fizz Fizz (my online Fizz Biz), my 2016 wardrobe capsule and a whole heap of ideas for other projects that I want to do! The list grows quickly and some of them have been on the to do list for way too long… and some I have started but half-assed and/or not finished! That is why I have decided to start sifting through all of the lists, ideas and mix in a few of the more boring ‘to do’s’ that I have been collecting like Pokémon cards instead of actually being an adult and completing! It’s time to slow down and complete one project at a time (instead of jumping from project to project)! Some will be fun, some will be boring, some will be small and some will be a bit bigger, but I plan to track each one of them here on the blog! I don’t want to set any guidelines or list them at the start, the only rules I am giving myself is to take one at a time and to share the steps and/or my thoughts with guys!          

That’s all for now! Just a little insight into my thought process behind a few upcoming projects/experiments I will be sharing with you this year and to announce my plan on slowing down (just a little) into the universe! 

Keep an eye out for my first mini project (well this one is one of a challenge) on instagram! A fun workout challenge I have been wanting to do for a while now! @Badwitchchallenge  

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Changing your life starts with a plan

Changing your life starts with a plan

Changing your life starts with a plan

At my day job, they like to say a goal without a plan is just a wish and even though this is a line directly off a motivational poster, that doesn’t make it less true! I have been setting goals for as long as I can remember, I still own my childhood journals which were full of goals like wearing pink fairy wings to my formal, having pink hair and meeting Drew Barrymore… And most of the goals I wrote, I actually achieved… Except for meeting Drew Barrymore… But hey! I still have time! Ok my point, my point is, this time goal setting isn’t the problem… The problem is I have no idea what I want! I mean, yeah I have a rough idea of what I think I want, I want my job to be fulfilling, I want kids, I want to live in bursts of colour (duh that’s why I called this blog that) BUT what does that even mean? 

This year, I intend to find out! I intend to change my life with a plan! 

Ok, so there is my big bold statement… Now where do I start?!

I have decided to start this project by learning a bit more about myself, I figure (meaning I have read in plenty a self help book) that to know what I really want out of life, I need to reconnect with who I am again first… To do that I am going to look inside… Firstly, inside my mind by exploring my values and learning more about the roles I play in life and how I want to show up to the people I play those roles to… Secondly, inside my home by jumping on trend and exploring this whole simplifying thing… 

This is a pic of the Kikki-K special edition of the book I am totally about to mention below… keep reading


I mean what are my values!? Should that be something I just already know? Ummmm I value the colour pink… But seriously, what matters to me, what beliefs and ideas do I have and hold important in life? A great book to help you figure it all out is The Life Plan, by Shannah Kennedy, I picked up her book a few years ago and skim read it… (sorry Shannah) I mean I got the pretty version from Kikki-K and I had some real anxiety about ruining it by completing the activities and writing in the book… So I kinda just skimmed it and did a few of the activities and wrote them out in a notepad… But this time I promise Shannah I am going to complete the book start to finish (I’m totes going to do the actual writing in a notepad still though… Cause the books so gosh darn pretty)!

This is Archie, I’m his human… and I think I do pretty well in that role


Another thing I have been reading a lot about lately is defining your roles in life. Roles like; mother, business owner, daughter or friend etc etc.. Taking responsibility for the roles you play and taking a deeper look at which relationships are connected to each role and how you show up in these roles, sounds like a great way to learn more about yourself and figure out if you actually even want to play the part you have given yourself in this play called life! I want to become more intentional about the roles I currently play and align my goals and priorities around these roles.

De-cluttering books is my weakness


I started this process last year after reading Marie Kondo’s book The Magical Art of Tidying. This book really helped me get past a few issues I had on holding on to things that I was not using and only holding on to because I felt bad! But I have realised this year that even though I have almost mastered the art of getting rid of things… I still really need to master the art of buying less… and I really need to start the process a second time and de-clutter the shizz nizz out of my house AGAIN (especially my wardrobe)!

So! There you have it the first steps to my master grand plan!

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